Town centre plans set to help with Covid recovery

Published: Friday 21 May 2021

Cambuslang Main Street shops looking north

More than £20 million of investment in regeneration and development for local town centres is continuing to make progress.

A report has highlighted the significant progress being made by South Lanarkshire Council and a wide range of partners in making the most of town and village centres for community and businesses despite the impact of the pandemic.

The update delivered to the Council’s Community and Enterprise Committee has laid out in detail the funding being secured to support development, the work currently in progress and the continuing long-term strategic planning.

Work included in the town centre programme includes new social housing, investment in business and retail premises, streetscape improvements, community facilities and more.

Examples of some major projects include

  • The Hamilton HUB in the Newcross Centre
  • Cambuslang Streetscape
  • Regeneration of Rankin Gait Precinct, Carluke
  • EK Civic Masterplan
  • Rutherglen Town Centre Business Support – including new business hub
  • Near to Home working with Transport Scotland
  • Welcome to Larkhall

A full list of projects can be found in the committee report.

Chair of the Committee Councillor John Anderson said: “We hear a lot about the problems facing town centres and while it is clear there are common issues such as changes in consumer habits connected to online shopping what is equally clear is that there is no one size fits all solution.

“This report lays out in detail how the council is approaching South Lanarkshire’s town centres with an over-arching strategic programme but is also carefully considering the strengths, challenges and opportunities that are unique to each community.

Projects currently included in the programme have a total value close to £15.5m with a further investment in excess of £5m expected to support the new Civic Centre plan for East Kilbride.

Executive Director of Community and Enterprise Michael McGlynn said: “The Council has secured funding from a number of sources for town centres. This is allowing us to pursue a programme of investment being put in place following consultation and including bidding exercises with local communities.

“A further key benefit of the range of projects and initiatives being delivered is that many will support the Government and Council’s ambitions around ‘20 Minute Neighbourhoods’. It is also expected that a number of the projects will play a role in the emerging opportunities around Community Wealth Building by repurposing Council assets to meet the needs of communities and support the local economy.”

20 Minute Neighbourhoods is the ambition to create and support communities where people can meet all their daily needs within an area easily reached in a short walk or cycle from their home.