Residents urged to stick to Covid-19 rules

Published: Saturday 19 September 2020

The picture shows the Glasgow City Region City Deal logo along with the words Covid-19

The Leaders of the eight local authorities in the Glasgow City Region have come together to urge local residents to stay safe.

They are asking everyone to keep to the rules, keep their loved ones safe and keep us all out of lockdown.

With limited restrictions in every part of the region except Inverclyde there is a risk that if people don’t follow the rules then far more severe restrictions will be necessary.

The City Region Leaders, including South Lanarkshire Council Leader John Ross, said: “The virus hasn’t gone away and it can get a grip in only a few days. The very limited restrictions we have in place in some parts of the region are hard enough for people but if we don’t all stick to the rules the number of cases will keep rising and those restrictions will just get tougher.

“Please do not meet in groups of more than six from more than two households, and if you live anywhere other than Inverclyde then please do not have anyone socialise in your home. Having too many people in our homes is still the main source of infection and we must do everything we can to stop things getting worse.”