Have your say on traffic management plan

Published: Wednesday 12 August 2020

A roads worker at a road coned off for improvements

The council is asking for your opinion on a new traffic management plan for a residential area close to Hamilton town centre.

The proposals for the Abercorn Drive and Chestnut Crescent area to the south west of the town centre are aimed at tackling concerns over the speed and volume of traffic and problem parking.

An earlier set of proposals which included prohibiting access from the bottom of Silvertonhill Avenue to Chestnut Crescent was rejected following a consultation last year.

The new plans have been drawn up based on the existing research and additional evidence from last year’s consultation which showed there is widespread local support  for action to control vehicle speeds, the volume of traffic, and support for new waiting restrictions.

The revised traffic management scheme comprises a series of speed cushions along Abercorn Drive and Chestnut Crescent and mini roundabouts at Hazel Park and Maple Bank.

In addition, new waiting restrictions on Chestnut Crescent between Silvertonhill Avenue and Hazel Park and on Abercorn Drive are being considered.

The scheme would change the characteristics of the corridor to the benefit of the area and its community, particularly in relation to vehicle speeds. The proposals are aimed at influencing driver’s behaviour when using these roads or parking on them while visiting or working in the town centre. 

The council's Head of Roads and Transportation, Gordon Mackay, said: “Residents of the Abercorn Drive and Chestnut Crescent area have long standing concerns about through traffic travelling at excessive speed and inconsiderate parking in the area further adds to their safety concerns.

“We are keen to press ahead with a solution to these twin issues but we want to make sure we get it right so it is important to us that local people tell us what they think of these proposals.”   

A consultation exercise on the proposed scheme is now underway and an online survey along with supporting documentation has been produced to allow people to view the proposals and make comments.

The survey will be online until Friday 11 September 2020 to allow people to make their views known.

The previous consultation saw 21% of respondents (185 replies) supporting the scheme, which included prohibiting access from Silvertonhill Avenue, and 79% of respondents (695 replies) not in support of the scheme. 

It was clear residents of the Chestnut Crescent, Abercorn Drive and surrounding area were concerned about the volume and speed of traffic in this area and wished something to be done. 

It is noted that while the prohibition of driving was not supported there was a clear mandate to introduce measures that would assist in managing the continuing issues raised by residents of Abercorn Drive, Chestnut Crescent and the other adjoining streets. The potential for additional waiting restrictions also emerged from this consultation.