Reminder about safety on roads around Tinto

Published: Thursday 6 August 2020

This is a picture of a rural road in the hills in Southern South Lanarkshire, to the left of the picture is a blue sign that reads welcome to South Lanarkshire, thriving on safe driving.

Park safely and observe the speed limit – that’s the message for anyone intending to visit Tinto Hill.

A temporary 30mph speed limit was recently introduced on roads around the popular Lanarkshire landmark.

The change was introduced to improve safety within the area for pedestrians/walkers and road users.

And a recent View news story also highlighted the dangers of inconsiderate parking, alternative access points for Tinto and details of other walks in South Lanarkshire.

Head of Roads and Transportation Services, Gordon Mackay, said: “Despite the introduction of the temporary speed limit, unfortunately some people were clearly not adhering to it at the weekend.

“I would reiterate the need for people to comply with the limit – it has been introduced for everyone’s safety.

“We love to welcome visitors to South Lanarkshire's scenic spots, but as well as encouraging people to watch their speed, I would also remind them about the need to park safely and sensibly.”

The speed limit is in force through Thankerton Moor and on approach roads.

The specific locations are the A73 from Woodside cottage access to approximately 400metres north of Sherifflats Road (south access) - approximately 1000m. Sherrifflats Road (north access) to A73 - approximately 260 metres. Lochlyoch Road to A73 – approximately 260 meters.