Have your say on Local Development Plan

Published: Wednesday 1 May 2024

Local Development Plan (LDP) image

Residents across South Lanarkshire are being encouraged to help shape the future of their area.

The council is currently preparing Local Development Plan 3 (LDP3).

The LDP looks at all the land across the council area and shows how it should be used in the future to meet its needs.

This can include homes, businesses, transport, schools, healthcare and greenspace. The LDP will identify where these needs can best be met and who should deliver them.

The plan will be shaped by the views and aspirations of local people.

The council wants to hear from local communities as they are the experts on what works well in their place and needs protected and also what can be done to improve the quality of an area.

A survey is open from now until 30 September 2024 to gather the public’s thoughts and feelings about their area.

Fraser Carlin, Head of Planning and Regulatory Services, said: “Local communities now have a great opportunity to get directly involved in helping to shape their areas by telling us what they want to see protected or provided in LDP3.

“This is the start of the LDP process and the first of a number of surveys that will be carried out over the course of the LDP which is expected to be adopted in 2027 (see timeline here (attach link to DPS).

“The council will be visiting many locations across South Lanarkshire to discuss ideas direct with communities. You can check the council’s social media accounts for more details.”