Wish for new laptops granted

Published: Friday 19 April 2024

This image shows a representative of Charity Skills Exchange with a laptop donated thanks to the Community Wish List

New laptops are to help local people who are unemployed, and disadvantaged young people, to find work.

Charity Skills Exchange SCIO, who are based in East Kilbride but also work in Blantyre, Clydesdale and Larkhall, requested the new laptops as the ones they were using were old and unable to download the latest software updates.

Thanks to the Community Wish List, two new laptops were donated by Lomond Plant Ltd.

Charity Manager Ann McCracken said: “Receiving this donation of laptops is incredibly significant for us as a small charity.

“These laptops aren't just devices, they're tools that empower us to amplify our impact and reach.

“These will provide opportunities for our clients to enhance their skills and develop their learning and understanding of topics we deliver.”

A spokesperson for Lomond Plant Ltd said: “The Scotland Excel contract is an important contribution to our business. This contract is tailored in such a way we are able to give back to local communities providing additional support where it’s needed. As part of this commitment, we were delighted to supply the wish list with new laptops.”

The Community Wish List is supported by South Lanarkshire Council’s Community Engagement Team.

Chair of the council's Finance and Corporate Resources Committee, Councillor Lesley McDonald, said: "This is another great example of the Community Wish List and the benefits it can bring to local communities and organisations.

"I would like to thank Lomond Plant Ltd and all of the other companies who have so generously donated so far."

Local community groups can still submit a wish to the community wish list.

To find out more, go to the council websitesend an email, or call 0303 123 1017.

Please note there are no guarantees that every request will be selected, nor can there be a timeframe given of when or if requests will be taken forward, as the process depends on contractors and suppliers choosing a suitable and feasible cause to support.