Council powers 10 million greener miles

Published: Wednesday 29 November 2023

This image shows an electric vehicle being charged

Electric cars travelled 10 million miles last year thanks to South Lanarkshire Council.

Because of the network of charging points developed by the council, there was a reduction in carbon dioxide exhaust emissions amounting to more than 2,230,000 kilograms in those 12 months.

The remarkable statistics were reported to the council’s Climate Change and Sustainability Committee today (Wednesday 29 November).

Committee chair, Councillor Mark McGeever said: “Four years ago the council helped lead the way by formally acknowledging the serious and immediate threat posed by climate change, and agreeing to review our actions to do all we can to address that threat.

“This has been delivered in part through significant investment and action to improve public transport and active travel infrastructure.

“Encouraging the growth of electric vehicles instead of petrol and diesel alternatives has also been a big part of this, not just by replacing vehicles in our own fleet but also by making it easier for private car owners to find places they can charge them.

“The 10million miles that have been run on greener, electrical power instead of fossil fuels is great news for the local environment, meaning cleaner air for us all as well as making a significant contribution to the efforts to address global climate change.”

The committee was told the council’s first charging point was installed in 2010 and there are now 153 publicly-available dual charging points at hubs across the area. On-street residential charging points are also being developed, with 12 now in place. Charging tariffs were introduced in November 2022.

The committee agreed a series of next steps, including collaboration with other councils as part of the Glasgow City Region, and working with Transport Scotland and the Scottish Futures Trust on a range of areas, including future funding arrangements.

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