The return of Care Day was a huge success

Published: Thursday 24 February 2022

The South Lanarkshire Champions Board celbrations of Care Day involved children, young people and corporate parent organisations

“Amazing!” That’s the official verdict on South Lanarkshire’s Care Day 2022.

The event is an annual, and global, celebration of the success and achievements of children and young people with experience of care.

Taking place on 18 February, Care Day saw the council supporting South Lanarkshire Champions Board (which brings together care experienced people and corporate parents such as the council and partner agencies) to deliver a full weekend of events.

Care Day was first celebrated in 2015 by Who Cares? Scotland to commemorate the anniversary of the Children and Young People Act 2014. Since then, it has gone global in giving well-deserved recognition to the successes and achievements of children and young people with experience of care.

Care Day events see millions of children, young people, adults, families, carers and organisations, come together across the world.

The Care Day flag was flown outside South Lanarkshire Council HQ in Hamilton and buildings across the council were lit up red in the evening to symbolise love and admiration for all members of the care family.

An event in East Kilbride gave care-experienced pupils the opportunity to ask key corporate parents questions important to them, and also to relax and have fun while enjoying pizza, movies and meditation.

South Lanarkshire Champions Board used the Care Day springboard to launch exciting announcements relating to employability opportunities for care-experienced people, the language that is used, and aspirations for the culture being created around the care family.

On Saturday 19 February South Lanarkshire Champions Board & TNT – Today Not Tomorrow (North Lanarkshire Champions Board) - hosted a Care Family Fun Day in Hamilton.

The event had support from corporate parents, Who Cares? Scotland and other partners. More than 100 care-experienced people, friends, family and supporters attended.

This was an extra special year as, due to COVID restrictions over the last few years, this was only the third Care Day event to be hosted in South Lanarkshire.

The Champions Board is now aiming to ensure these events are re-established as regular diary dates and bring together care experienced people and those that matter to them.

Reflecting on the Care Day weekend after it was over the Champions Board agreed it had been “Amazing!”

South Lanarkshire Champions Board keep active on social media to share knowledge and information, and celebrate local care experienced children and young people. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more details and regular updates.