Provost’s Christmas message 2021

Published: Friday 24 December 2021

this pic shows Provost Ian McAllan outside council HQ with a Christmas tree in the background

Our Provost has recorded his Christmas message for all of South Lanarkshire’s residents.

A video of the message is available on the council’s YouTube channel.

Provost Ian McAllan said: “This Christmas I had hoped that Covid-19 was going to be a horrible memory that we were all glad see the back of.

“Sadly, that is not the case. Our frontline health and social care workers, and so many other people from every walk of life continue to work tirelessly to try and keep everyone in our communities as safe as possible.

“But there have been brighter moments this year at least. A semi-normal life has returned, at least for many of us. We can meet with friends and family again and enjoy the occasional night out, enjoying a meal, some live music or a film, the theatre or so many other activities that we were deprived of the previous year.

“All of these things we now think of with a deeper appreciation, understanding just how precious everyday joys truly are.

“And that is what, for me, Christmas is all about.

“It is a time when everyone makes a bigger effort to catch up with friends and family that they perhaps have been unable to spend time with for so many different reasons.

“It is also a time of giving and receiving presents – gifts that are tokens of affection rather than the material value they represent.

“This year may be in many ways, better than our previous festive season. But it is, and should always be, a time to reflect on what we have, but more importantly what others do not.

“Christmas is always a good time to try and spread a little friendship and joy to those less fortunate. A simple gesture such as a smile or a wee chat to a lonely neighbour or someone who has gone through a lot recently, can make a huge difference, not just for them but also the feel-good effect it has on ourselves.

“So, please, join me this year in doing everything we can to make all our Christmases as special as can be.

“And finally, let me finish by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for a much better 2022.”