Survey asks for views on school catchment plans

Published: Monday 25 October 2021

This image shows the exterior of Newton Farm Primary School which is to undergo an extension

Views are being sought on proposed changes to the catchment areas of Newton Farm and Hallside Primary Schools. 

A public consultation goes live today on the council’s website, where the full consultation document is also available to view.

Included in this are detailed maps of the areas proposed for rezoning, including streets in the Westburn area, along with some currently zoned for housing development. These currently have both Newton Farm and St Charles’ as catchment primary schools.

The document is also available to view in local council offices. The survey will stay open until 6 December 2021. 

Lynn Sherry, Head of Education, said: “For those living in the proposed rezoned area, it is important to note that the document suggests that any current catchment child attending Newton Farm Primary School during school session 21/22, and living in the proposed rezoned area for Hallside Primary School will have the right to remain at Newton Farm Primary School. 

“These pupils will then be offered the option of attending either Uddingston Grammar School or Cathkin High School regardless of any catchment change.  

“The option to transition to Uddingston Grammar School would end with the P7s in session 2027/28. Thereafter, any further younger siblings enrolling in P1 from school sessions August 2022 through to August 2027, will have the option to enrol at Newton Farm Primary School, and the right to attend Uddingston Grammar School.  

“We have ensured that the consultation process builds in plenty of time for those potentially affected to consider the proposals and to submit their views. There will also be a series of virtual meetings, times for which we will share with the school communities in the coming days and weeks.”